A chief from Food Standards Agency detained by National Anticorruption Center (Updated)

A chief from the Food Standards Agency of Leuşeni  was taken into custody today by the officers from the National Anticorruption Center, accused of power peddling and illegal money acquisition, gained by being given regular finance from economic agents.

Along the chief from Food Standards Agency, was also detained an economic agent, accused of bribery.

According to the investigation the employee was demanding money from various economic agents and in return was not performing sanitary inspections upon imported goods.

It was established that the chief of the Food Standards Agency would receive a certain sum every time an economic agent would import goods through the Leuşeni, Tudora and Criva customs.

Therefore a case was opened on the employee for corruption, the officers having gained multiple evidence regarding the received transactions from economic agents. They were given under the pretext of "salary", "protection money", or even gifts etc.

At the same time, the employee is charged under article 3302, 1st row, of the Penal Code- illegal money acquisition.

The chief of the Food Standards Agency was taken into custody for 72 hours by the National Anticorruption Center.

The National Anticorruption Center as also manage to detain today one of the economic agents, who was regularly paying money. He is investigated for bribery.


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