A blind man and his guide dog got kicked out of a Capital store and hit in the eyes by the security guard

A blind man got kicked out of a store from Capital and hit by the security agent. The man entered to buy some bread, being also accompanied by his certified Guide Dog. The incident happened yesterday and the images were uploaded on a social-media platform by Veaceslav Ionita.

'A blind man with a guide dog wanted to enter a Ciocana store.
The dog is chipped and certified of being of service.
But the security hit him in the eyes and kicked out from the store.
The man wanted just to buy some bread and the law protects him to do so, but it wasn't meant to be.
The police came and started to investigate the case.
I hope the guilty ones to be punished and all of us to become better persons', wrote Veaceslav Ionita.
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