80 new jobs created in western town of Nisporeni

An apparel maker from Nisporeni will create 80 more jobs as it opens a new section producing military clothes and sleep sacks.

The items will be exported all over Europe. The company was supported by an Austrian businessman to invest 8 million lei.

Locals are happy to have more jobs, all the more that the factory trains them.

"All our output is exported. We used to make 10 million lei a year, but now I think we’ll rise to 15," said the manager Tudor Şeptelici.

Vasile Bîtca, the Regional Development and Construction Minister, has congratulated the staff: "I hope everybody realizes there are jobs here in Moldova, New jobs appear step by step. I wish success to everybody."

The factory from Nisporeni employs 150 people and has worked for 20 years.

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