70 children from poor families had fun due to event organized by The Moldova Project

70 children from Hancesti district had fun on the New Year's Eve. The children came at an entertainment center from the Capital, where they had fun around clowns.

"How often do you have this kind of fun? -Once in a year."

The children were amazed. Many of them are from poor families. This is why the gift list was modest.

"I wish Santa Claus bring me a book and I want my mother to be healthy. -This is most important, right? -Yes."

"It was very interesting today. I don't play that often when I am home. -What present do you want? -I want a fairy tales book and I want my brothers to be happy when they grow up."

The event was touching even for the parents.

"We can't afford to bring them here."

"I forgot all my needs and I have fun. -How often do you afford to bring them here? -Very seldom."

All the fun was organized by a group of volunteers who gathered over 10 thousand Euro to make happy 1200 children.

"This is a new project. We will organize it every year, so we will make children happier", said Victor Morozov, manager of "The Moldova Project".

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