69 years since the second Soviet Mass Deportation from Bessarabia. Events planned in Chisinau

On June 6 is celebrated the day of commemorating the victims of repression and Soviet deportation. On that day will mark 69 years since the second mass deportation. For this occasion, multiple events will be held in Chisinau.

Ministry of Culture along with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection in collaboration with representative associations:

  • will identify issues that victims of repression encounter;
  • will examine the possibility to offer some additional social benefits, including indemnities for those people;
  • will elaborate, within 15 days, an action plan to solve the identified problems, including reintegration, rehabilitation, social protections and medical assistance;

At the same time, Ministry of Culture will elaborate and coordinate the Action plan to commemorate the victims of repression and Soviet deportation, marked on July 6.

Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice will present the Government, within 15 days, an analysis regarding restored goods and  recovering confiscated wealth, by compensating people subjected to political repression, to this point.

At the same time, State Chancellery, along with competent authorities, will ensure that the Regulation and the nominal composition of the Governmental Commission for the Victims of Political Repression will be updated, approved through the Government's Order No. 516 from 13.05.2006. Therefore, the Cabinet will be responsible for controlling and monitoring the order's implementation.

In 1941, over 33 000 people from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina were taken to Siberia and Kazakhstan. Other mass deportation followed in July 1949 and April 1951.

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