62 pupils and students to receive merit bursaries for academic year 2017- 2018

Today the Cabinet of Ministers have approved the list of University students and College pupils who will receive merit bursaries for academic year 2017- 2018.

The bursaries are offered in order to increase the young people academic results, as well as attract pupils to colleges from Moldova.

Therefore 12 students will be granted bursaries, worth 1385 lei, while 30 students will receive bursaries worth 1155 lei. Pupils from colleges will have the chance to win 20 Gaudeamus Bursaries, worth 840 lei.

The list of students were provided to the ministry by the educational institutions, winners being selected based on certain categories: average grade, extracurricular activities, CV, publications and recommendation letters. 

The bursaries will be provided by the educational institutions, after receiving the money given for this purpose.

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