60 riflemen and border guards learned self-defense procedures from Sensei Victor Panasiuc

Karate lessons for riflemen and border guards! For two weeks, 60 employees of the Ministry of the Interior learned the self-defense and immobilization procedures of the offenders of Sensei Victor Panasiuc, the 7th dan in karate-do, the Goju-Ryu style.

"The purpose of this seminar is to improve the professional qualities of the policemen. First of all, we are talking about civilized behavior on the street, and we have in mind the ability to find common language with different people, for which the employee must be spiritually prepared" said Victor Panasiuc, President of the Goju-Ryu National Association.

Those who took part in this seminar claim that they have gained a lot of experience and learned new procedures that they will use only in exceptional situations.

"It's a legitimate course in self-defense, that is, the processing of procedures and their application in the areas permitted by our law", said Veaceslav Ciuntu, a rifleman.

"We have learned many things here, we have focused on procedures and some nuances that we do not attract too much attention to. Now we are more prepared," said Nicolae Chirita, a rifleman.

Goju-ryu is one of the four karate styles that originated on the Okinawa island of Japan.

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