6 out of 10 Moldovan inmates are recidivists

The sentences served in the Moldovan jails have not made them give up old habits. Almost 6 out of 10 prisoners serve a second or even a third condemnation.

According to the Penitentiary Institutions Department, of those 6,400 inmates, 56 %, or 3,581, are recidivists.

5,300 inmates have been sentenced for grave and extremely grave felonies. Most of them are hailed for homicide, sexual aggression, thefts and drug trafficking.

Over 60 % are aged 21 - 40. About 3,700 inmates were unemployed when committing the crimes, and over 3,300 have but secondary education.

There are 118 inmates serving life sentences in those 17 jails from Moldova.

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