59 minors hospitalized due to viral diseases of the digestive system – a frequent summer phenomenon.

Intestinal infections strike in the summer. Children have diarrhea, vomiting and fever, because bacteria have all the necessary conditions to multiply and spread in the warm season. According to the data of the Municipal Public Health Center, in the first six months of the year, about two thousand cases were recorded, by almost 500 more than in the same period last year.

Three quarters of the patients include children up to two years.

 The Cezars had to return from vacation after one of their children got sick. The little boy experienced fever and diarrhea and was hospitalized at Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital. Three days later, his little brother also caught the disease.

"Everything started with headaches, stomachaches, he was vomiting, I thought it was the water." The little one began to feel sick yesterday, it started right away with fever, it was 39 degrees, by evening he started to have diarrhea. And today we are given drips, "said the baby's mother.

Hundreds of families have experienced the same situation this summer. At present, 59 minors with diarrheal diseases are hospitalized at Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital.

"Children with acute diarrheal disease have first to be rehydrated. Children who vomit or lack appetite, can not get sufficient amount of fluids by ordinary way so they will be given endovenous rehydration," said Diana Vlad, infectious physician at Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital.

 Doctors recommend parents to go to their doctor immediately after they notice that the little ones feel bad.

 "The incubation period for this condition is one to seven days." Treatment is required to be done in stationary facilities that treat infectious diseases, and in case of lighter or less severe ones, the treatment can be done at home, "said Zinaida Covric, an Epidemiologist at Chisinau Public Health Center.

The child may be exposed to pathogens if they do not wash their hands, drink water from unsafe sources, eat unwashed fruit or vegetables, or eat inadequately cooked foods. The public pools or the backyard playgrounds can also serve as infection outbreaks.

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