55 Students took oath at Military Academy "Alexandru cel Bun"

Today, first year students of the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” have taken the oath, during a ceremony organized at the institution.

Deputy Minister Apărării Gheorghe Galbura, who attended the event, congratulated the 55 students that joined the national army and chose a military carrier.

“You are the future of our National Army, those who will bring changes. It is your duty and responsibility to put all your efforts and study for the next three years with everything you have, since knowledge is power. Only well taught officers can create a modern army, able to adapt to pressing matters of that time”, Gheorghe Galbura said.

For the study years 2017-2018, the military academy admitted 55 students, 15 of them being women, specializing in infantry, artillery and transmission.

Throughout August, this year, the students participated in military integration courses, where they were taught military regulations, on field duty, tactical preparation and finally, students practiced target shooting at the Military Training Base from Bulboaca.

The degree at the Military Academy is earned after three years. Students can make use of training, housing, equipment and free alimentation.

At the end of the studies, the graduates will gain the police force’s title “lieutenant”, a B category driver license, as well as a place in the National Army.

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