520.8 million lei revenues collected by Customs Service to state budget in a week

In the period 04 - 10 June 2018, the revenues collected by the Customs Service to the state budget amounted to 520.8 million lei, with a total of 10,220 customs declarations.

Concerning the fight against customs fraud, over the past week, 103 attempts were made for violation of the customs legislation, which are investigated by the specialized departments of the Customs Service in order to determine all the circumstances and to undertake the legal measures. 

Over the same period, the flow of transport units constituted 93 016 crossings. The highest traffic values are recorded at the Moldovan-Romanian border, while the most transited customs posts remain Leuşeni and Sculeni, with 18,014 and 13,141 crossings respectively.

For the convenience of those intending to cross the border, the Customs Service has established the Unique Call Center (+373 22 574 111), where they can find information on border crossings with various goods or complain about possible abuses admitted to the employees of the institution. Over the past week, Information Line operators responded to 292 requests for customs-related information.

Also, drivers can plan their optimal route by accessing the Traffic Online section, where they can see in real time traffic from the most transited stations. The application is available on the Customs Service web, where the Interactive Cross-Border Map can also be found.
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