51 constituencies voted. Citizens will soon find out when 2018 elections will take place

Soon every citizen will know to what constituency he will be able to go to vote for the 2018 elections.

The final decision of the 51 uninominal constituencies was already forwarded for approval to the Cabinet of Minister. Out of the total number, two were created on Dniester's left, while three for those residing abroad.

Therefore, 46 constituencies will be established on the territory controlled by authorities from Chisinau, while 5 abroad.

"For every uninominal constituencies and I speak of those 46 from our country, will be annexed a table including all districts that are part of the constituency and the number of voters. For Chisinau and Bălți the table will contain the order number of the polling stations" chairman of the district constituency committee, Iurie Ciocan said.

According to the final map, 12 constituencies will be opened in the South, including 2 in Găgăuzia. Another 12 in the North, including 2 in Bălți. While Central zone will have 11 constituencies and another 11 in Chisinau.

Citizens of Moldova on Dniester's left side will chose two deputies for the Parliament and have constituencies opened in Camenca, Rîbnița and Dubăsari, as well as for residents of Grigoriopol, Tiraspol and Slobozia district.
Those from diaspora will appoint 3 deputies in the Parliament. One from citizens residing in Russia, one from those living in Europe and one from those in USA and Canada
The new uninominal voting system stipulates that 50 deputies from the Parliament must be chosen by the Parties, while 51 by the citizens. According to data from CEC, at the moment are registered 2 873 707 citizens allowed to vote.

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