5 key members of Liberal Democratic Party abandon its ranks

Leading members of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) have left the organization, citing disagreement with the party leadership on a range of issues.

They are MP Angel Agache, Ialoveni district president Anatolie Dimitriu, Chisinau councilor Ghenadie Dumanschi, former head of Tourism agency Nicolae Platon and Dorin Mândreanu. All those five are considered as founders of the party.

Angel Agache specifies the issue refer to the uninominal voting and the cancelation of the MPs’ immunity, both of which are provided in the party platform.

PLDM leader Viorel Cibotaru has not commented yet on the dropout.

Former PLDM leader and Prime Minister Vlad Filat is sentenced to 9 years of jail for graft.

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