45 parties can participate at presidential elections from 30 October 2016

45 parties have the right to propose nominees for the presidential elections from 30 October 2016, 4 more than at the parliamentarian elections in 2014.

The list of parties was approved by the Central Election Commission, based on the Registry of the parties registered at the Ministry of Justice.

At the same time, CEC decided for the members of the initiative group, who will collect signatures, to spend for this approximately 576,000 lei. The election authority came also with specifications regarding the number of persons with the right to vote registered in the Electronic Voters Registry, which is 3.2 million.

“The discrepancy of data is explained from the total number of voters in the Voters State Registry and those included in the election lists is explained through the category of persons without a home or residence, and the Moldovan citizens with the right to vote, but living in the territorial-administrative units in Transnistria” declared CEC president, Alina Russu.

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