40 social houses in Făleşti put into operation 2 months earlier plan

The 40 social houses that were built in March in Făleşti are in progress of 50 per cent. The roof of the block and the windows have already been installed. 

Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Vasile Bîtca, was today to inspect the construction site and assured that the dwellings will be put into operation in the spring, two months earlier than expected.

The space for social apartments has an area of 1,900 square meters.

"The fourth floor was lifted and the building expanded with 10 more apartments, the walls were dismantled and we built from scratch. Everything is new," said the head of the construction company, Ana Grama.

"They will be put into operation next year, two months earlier than deadline," said Minister Vasile Bîcca.

Families who will benefit from these apartments have not yet been identified. The decision is to be taken by the Făleşti district council. The construction amounts to 16 million lei.

"According to the current term indicated: 50 per cent young families who will be mostly young specialists in the field of medicine, education and social assistance, "said the president of Făleşti district, Iraida Bănar

Beneficiaries will be able to stay in apartments for a maximum of 20 years, and the rental price will be lower than the market price.

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