40 children from Rădeni gained the chance to experience the beauty of Christmas

40 children from Rădeni commune, Străşeni district received an unusual, but pleasant surprise for Christmas Eve. A group of volunteers have organized a true holiday for them. Two pig were sacrificed for the children.

Each pig weighted 100 kg each. The meat was equally shared among children, for them to enjoy a family dinner.

Parents were happy that they have ingredients to prepare a Christmas meal:

"I will prepare some food. A stew with polenta and cheese. I thank you from all my heart."

"It is Christmas Eve. We never expected there to be such kind people who would organize something like this for other people's children."

Children have also received gifts from the volunteers: "I received today gifts, fruits and I believe all the supplies I will need at school."

The kids have expressed their gratitude and sung carols for those who offered them such a wonderful day.

Organizer of the charity event, Victor Alexeev claims that children deserve all the gifts from the world.

"We are happy to bring those gifts and this is a Christian tradition to gift pork. We do it every year. We brought various sweets and school supplies" Victor Alexeev mentioned.

"Every year we try to bring a smile to the children's faces, those who do not have the possibility to see all the beauty of those holidays" Mayor of the Rădeni commune, Petru Răbdău said.

Victor Alexeev donated to Rădeni multiple toy boxes, which will be distributes in the commune's kindergartens.

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