July 3rd, International Plastic Bag Free Day

Today July 3rd, the International Plastic Bag Free Day – an annual activity is dedicated to heightening awareness and pressing issues on overusing plastic bags.

Producing plastic bags requires large amount of fossil fuels, water and energy, particularly generating enormous amounts of waste and million tons of CO2 every year.

Fast Facts:

On average, plastic bags are used for 25 minutes.

It takes between 100 – 500 years for decomposition depending on the type of plastic bags.

One million plastic bags are used worldwide every minute.

80% marine trash is PLASTIC!

In the EU, people annually produced 3.4 million tons of plastic carrier bags whose equivalent weight is of more than 2 million cars.

Only 1% of total amount of plastic bags can be recycled, the rest might be stored at the landfill.

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