38 cases of money laundering, detected by prosecutors in first nine months

Moldova prosecutors initiated 38 criminal cases for money laundering in the first nine months. This is announced in the hearing organized by the Parliament's Security Commission on the application of the law on preventing and combating money laundering.

Besides, 470 thousand suspicious forms received through secured channel were analyzed by employees of the Directorate for Prevention and Combating against Crime of the National Anti-Corruption Center.

"A bank card holder from Turkey purchases a coffee at McDonald's. The software automatically qualifies as a suspicious transaction in money laundering because Turkey is the country of origin. We also observe the number of Turkish origins coming to Moldova," said the head of the Directorate of combating money laundering of CNA, Vasile Şarco.

20 criminal cases were opened for money laundering. Out of 40 investigations started, 10 ones arrived at the magistrates' table.

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