3,350 euros to cover up act forgery: Four police officers to be accused

Two police officers from the General Inspectorate of Police in Chisinau and one from Călăraşi were detained last night by CNA officers and prosecutors, suspected of passive corruption and influence peddling. They promised a woman to cover up her fake act in exchange for 3350 euros.

Another suspect was a policeman on childcare leave, investigated in freedom state. 

According to the whistle-blower, at the beginning of September, she was received a phone contact by criminal prosecution officer of Chisinau Police Department. The policeman informed her that she had a record of false document. 

In order to solve the case, the whistle-blower contacted an old acquaintance, a policeman on maternity leave, asking to help her solve the problem.

According to the evidence, the police officer promised to resolve the case for exchange of 3,350 euros.

Later she was informed her case had been done well, then, money was transmitted into two instalments, however, under CNA's control. 

Investigation of network of people involved was carried out, three policemen were arrested. 

All three were escorted and detained for 72 hours in CNA headquarter. 

The officer on childcare leave, was also investigated in this case. 

If they are found guilty, the suspects risk up to 10 years of jail.

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