30 DAYS OF ARREST for Israeli citizens suspected of document forgery

Three citizens of Israel have been detained being suspected for document forgery. A 30 days arrest warrant has been issued. 

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Publika.MD recalls three Israeli citizens have been arrested on June 6th being suspected of illegal migration of Israeli youth in Moldova. The suspects have been handcuffed after searches carried out by Anti-corruption prosecutor's Office.

The suspects were forging papers of students enrolled at the "Nicolae Testemiteanu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

During two years, over 50 persons have benefited from the criminal scheme.

According to prosecutors, the criminal group was receiving up to 5.500 euros.

Following searches, the officers have found goods including stamps, documents, mobile phones and laptops. Thus, Anti-corruption prosecutors will detain other members of the scheme.

The suspects risk up to 7 years imprisonment and being banned from entering the country.

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