30 blocks from Botanica that yesterday were without heat today are reconnected

The 30 blocks from the Botanica District of Capital, which yesterday were unheated, were reconnected this morning. These are the buildings from Dacia Boulevard, Zelinski Street, Hristo Botev and Teilor streets. Employees from Termoelectrica worked all night. 

Avaria occurred after an old pipe broke. 

"The presence of the networks, Union Fenosa, the collector, that did not allow us to use the heavy technique, and so it took four hours of manual work, so eight locksmiths worked four by four until the fault was localized. has a thickness of 2 mm and this does not allow us to make a qualitative welding", mentioned Alexandru Lupan, technical director.

In order to cope with the cold in the flats, the tenants were dressed thicker and covered with more quilts:  "It's cold, but we warm up. We're going to get some thicker clothes".

Today, the company's employees are already following the pit after the works.

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