250 pupils all around the country have proven they speak English better than Romanian

250 pupils all around the country have proven they speak in English better than in their mother language. The pupils aged between 10 and 14 competed within "The World Scholar's Cup" competition that takes place in over 80 countries.

82 teams participated at the contest that took place in a private school. The pupils showed their intelligence, creativity and team work abilities.

"We are from Edinet. I have great emotions. I think we have all the chances to win", mentioned Vitalie Fuior, pupil.

"English is my second language, I am very happy that I speak it", said Loredana Sandu, pupil.

The jury was made of teachers from all around the country. They assessed pupils' correctness, vocabulary and so on.

"The criteria are the following ones: we analyze how fluently he speaks, his general culture, eye contact, gestures language. All these are important", declared Irina Mucea, English teacher.

The participants also wrote on essay.

"I had to write an essay on a science topic, how do the technologies influence us. It is not difficult." 

"The World Scholar's Cup" takes place yearly since 2007. Such competitions take place in other 40 countries", said Thomas Brauee, international organizer.

The organizers say that this competition is an opportunity for the pupils from Moldova.

"It is not a boring thing to learn, because you gather knowledge, improve your skills", pointed out Inga Chiosa, organizer of the regional competition.

The team who won will go in the USA, where they will compete with some other students. 

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