2400 Moldovans have their own houses due to social project for vulnerable families

Approximately 1700 Moldovans benefited of social houses in the past five years, within a project initiated with the support of the Development Bank of the European Council. 700 others will get their keys by the end of the year.

The beneficiaries are the large families, but also the employees of the budgetary sector who had enough money to buy a dwelling.

Therefore, between 2014 and 2018, 484 social flats in Călărași, Briceni, Sângerei, Hâncești, Soroca, Nisporeni, Leova, Fălești, Ialoveni were built. By the end of this year, 193 more dwellings were bought in Glodeni, Rezina, Cantemir, Cimișlia and Cahul.

The social flats were built in the second stage at a project for social vulnerable families. The project was funded by BDCE, that offered 13,4 million Euro for a period of 20 years.

The project targets to repair the social campuses and the buildings that are in a deplorable condition.

The Government wants to continue the project, because the local authorities say that it is necessary to continue this project in our country.

"It is important for the Government to offer a dwelling and decent living conditions for the young families", wrote Pavel Filip on his Facebook page.

The Development Bank of the European Council wants to fund our country.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that in Modlova there are 25 800 families whose incomes are low and can't afford a house.

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