22 building from Capital will gain thermal insulation starting March 2018

22 buildings from the Capital will receive thermal insulation in March 2018. The municipal councilmen have approved a project regarding the disbursement of the first tranche of 10 million euro. The annual rate of the loan being of 6%.

At the same time, interim mayor Silvia Radu has singed an agreement of a 5 million grant, offered by Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership. According to this project, 19 education institutions from the city will be renovated. One of them being "Gheorghe Asachi" Lyceum. The institution's administration claim that once the building will have thermal insulation, the heating bills will reduce.

"I believe we will economize around 30% of the heating bill. The school will also look differently. Usually, during summer, it is very hot in this block, while in winter, we spend enough heating to warm up a whole city" director of "Gheorghe Asachi" Lyceum, Boris Volosatii said.

Three medical institutions will also gain thermal insulation, including Municipal Clinic Hospital "St. Trinity".

"This project will not simply offer thermal insulation, new doors and windows, but also the installing an automated heating module, modernization of the heating system etc." press officer of Municipal Clinic Hospital "St. Trinity",  Mihaela Botnari said.

The project regarding thermal insulation of buildings from Chisinau costs 25 million euro. The money are offered by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. By the agreement singed in December 2016, the works should have begun since summer, but were postponed, because municipal councilmen initially didn't want to approve the disbursement.

In the second stage of the project, the City Hall will receive another 10 million euro. The money will be used for thermal insulation of apartment blocks.

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