2019 parliamentary elections: Candidate promises bicameral parliament without PM, another insists Moldovans exempted from US visas

An independent candidate for parliamentary elections proposes our country to withdraw post of prime minister, the parliament will be dual-chambered. 

Artur Croitor, who entered the electoral race in the constituency no. 24 in Chisinau, believes that the presidency, as an institution, should be more power. 

"Strengthening the powers of the presidency institution, not of president but the institution. Prime Minister must be liquidated. President must lead the government. Parliament must be bicameral: Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, "said Artur Croitor, candidate on constituency 24.

Artur Croitor launched the election campaign a week ago. He refused to present his election program as he feared other candidates would steal his ideas. 

Croitor enrolled in the presidential election of 2016 and remarked strange spot. 

Gheorghi Grozav, candidate on constituency no.51, USA and Canada, presented his election program. He pledged healthcare and free education in these countries as well as free visa with the US and Canada. However, Grozav failed to explain who will cover the costs and why foreign authorities should not request Moldovan citizens visas. 

According to CEC data, more than 300 competitors were registered in the electoral race in the 51 uninominal constituencies. Most candidates are from political parties and 60 independent candidates registered. 

The February 24 parliamentary elections will take place on the basis of the mixed voting system. More specifically, 50 deputies will be elected on party lists, and 51 in uninominal constituencies.

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