2019 Parliamentary Election Campaign kicks off in Moldova: What we know at this hour

Campaign for February 24th parliamentary elections starts today and last until the election day. 

The vote is based on the mixed voting system, 50 MPs will be voted on party lists and 51 MPs in uninominal constituency within single round. 

In addition, electoral actions is allowed to take place on Saturday before the elections and on election day. They will be banned only at the entrance to the polling stations.

So far, nine contestants have been admitted to the election competition. These are PDM, PSRM, PCRM, the PAS-PPDA block, the ȘOR Party, the People's Anti-Mafia Movement, Our Party party, the National Liberal Party and the The Will of the People party. 

The Central Electoral Commission is to examine the requests of four parties that have announced they want to join the race. Additionally, more than 280 people were interested in running for uninominal constituencies. Of these, 212 are registered in the competition.

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