2019 ClassFest: 50 national and foreign students from 12 countries presented their cinematography productions

The International Festival of Theater Schools "ClassFest" started. At this event, the Academy of Beau Arts students presented their one year work cinema productions. 

Foreign students were also present at the event. During the week, in the festive hall of the Academy, the visitors can freely watch their creations.

The event gathered 50 national and foreign students from 12 countries, among which Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.

"We've never had Turkmenistan and Kirghiz people. 3 different cultures. We happily want to discover the other people's mind", mentioned Vlad Druc, the multimedia faculty chief of Academy of Beau Arts.

According to the organizers, the main purpose of the event is to promote the young talents and the experience exchange is the best method to do so.

"For years, in this way we are trying to review our teaching methods. We'll have the opportunity to hear what our students want to speak about", declared Svetlana Târţău, the "ClassFest" festival director.

During the week there will be presented short and long films of different genres.

"Students have the convenience to create new contacts and future opportunities. A good cinematography can become an industry that can bring income and benefit to the society and state. These points must be a priority in our society, especially that we have a lot of talents", pointed Valeriu Matei, the Institute of Romanian Culture "Mihai Eminescu" director.

The festival will take place until Sunday.

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