2017 exports were worth 55 milliard lei

More and more Moldovan goods arrive abroad. According to the data presented by the customs, the previous yea, the export was worth 55 milliard lei.

However,  the imports have grown insignificantly.

The data shows the volume of the exports increased due to the potential of the entrepreneurs after implementing the Free Trade Agreement with the EU. Thus, the economic agents had access to the European market.

Thus, the previous year, there were exported goods worth 54,8 milliard lei, which is 14 % more than in 2016. The imports exceeded 62 milliards, which is 1% more than the previous year.

In 2017, most of all, there were imported the patrol products, worth 4,5 milliard lei, which is 25% of the budget incomes and the tobacco products which consist 2,1 milliard lei.

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