2016 DRAFT STATE BUDGET: Incomes and expenses stipulated by document

The Parliament will examine today, in the first lecture, the State Budget project for 2016. The document got in the Parliament with a delay.

The project foresees income of over 31 billion lei, and expenses of over 35 billion lei.

According to the document, the income will be 31.378 billion lei. These will be accumulated from taxes, grants, fines and penalties.

The expenses will reach 35.561 billion lei.

The budget for 2016 will have a shortage of over 4 billion lei.

Forsocial payments will be assignedalmost 5 billion lei and the budget of medical insurance will receive a little over 2.5 billion lei.

In 2016, the valorization fund of farmers will receive900 million lei, of which almost 390 million will be given by the ENPARD budget support Program of the European Committee.

For the first time the state budget will contain money for financing the political parties. In this regard almost 40 million lei will be assigned. At the same time, local budgets will receive almost eight billion lei.

The largest amount of money will be given to fields like education and health, almost nine billion lei and a little more than 3 billion lei respectively. More money than last year will receive fields like defense, environment and culture.

In 2016 the Government will receive grants from external partners in the amount of over 3 billion lei, including 2 billion for the budget support. The government estimates that the Gross Domestic Product will increase slightly with 1.5 percent.

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