2.000 families bought dwelling due to First House project

More and more people chose First House project. Since it was launched, 2.000 families bought a dwelling due to it. The announcement was made by Pavel Filip on his Facebook post.

Up to this moment, half billion lei was allocated by the state for this program. The total sum of the loans is worth one billion lei.

According to the statistics, 1.450 out of 2.000 are families, while 550 are unmarried. 1.873 dwellings have been bought in cities and 127 in villages.

The Government is preparing to launch First House 4 program for the persons who work for private companies. The allowances will be offered in accordance with their salaries.

According to the First House 2, the state covers 50% of the loan's value for the state workers. 260 persons benefited of this project.

Also, according to First House 3, the families who have children benefit of a bigger supper. Thus, the state pays 10% of the dwelling for the families who have one child, 25% for two children, 50% for the families who have 3 children.

The families who have more than 4 children only pay the rate. The state already paid the allowances for over 520 families.

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