200 lei worth allowance for children will no longer be offered. ACUM-PSRM deputies didn't include that on the agenda

The 200 lei monthly allowance for children was annulled. ACUM-PSRM deputies didn't include this project of law on the daily agenda of the Parliament. DPM asked to include some laws on the daily agenda, among which the law regarding 200 lei worth allowance, but it was rejected.

Elena Bacalu, DPM deputy: We propose to vote for the law that we included on February 7, 2019 in the first lecture. We propose it for the second lecture also.

Lilian Carp, PAS deputy: We will discuss tomorrow with the commission of Education and Culture.

Zinaida Greceanii, the President of the Parliament: I can not include that on the daily agenda before the Commission of the Government says the verdict.

The document was approved in February 2019, in order for it to enter into force, ti should be voted within the second lecture of the Parliament.

This initiative belongs to Sergiu Sirbu, Valentina Stratan and Valentina Rotaru deputies.


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