20 socially vulnerable children visited Santa Claus workshop, launched by Edelweiss

Close to 20 children from community centers had the chance to visit the Santa Claus workshop, launched by Vlad Plahotniuc's Foundation Edelweiss, in the heart of the Capital. They had the possibility to create handmade Christmas decorations, as well as gifts for their families, being helped by fairy tales beings.

Andreea is 3-year-old and she came to the workshop to write a letter for Santa Claus. After stating her wish, she learned to cut out of paper.

All children were enthusiastic.

"I like that there are many interesting things you can do here and it is warm, you do not freeze up."

"I will try to come here more often, because I like handmade things."

Even parents are happy to see their children so joyful.

"It is great here, my little girl enjoys it very much."

"I can read in her eyes the curiosity in this activity. Children can warm up both their bodies and souls in this house."

Each day, dozens of children come to the Santa Claus workshop.

"They are helped by Christmas elves to create paper handmade things. Today, we organized a visit for children from socially vulnerable families and now we are surrounded by children and the Christmas spirit" Edelweiss Foundation CEO, Lidia Cucoş declared.

The Santa Claus workshop will be opened daily until 14th January.

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