20 foreign students learn how to process the wood at university from Moldova

Four multifunctional banks will appear on the territory of the Technical University. These are built by 20 foreign students who participate  at a summer course organized in the Republic of Moldova.

Initially, the participants were instructed by UTM teachers how to properly process the wood. Subsequently, the young people formed four teams and together they made the most innovative projects for the construction of multifunctional banks.

"We make a U-shaped bench so that everyone sitting down is comfortable to see and have a place to put some personal items", said Javier Crespo, a student from Spain.

"This is the bank we are going to do, it will be a simple structure, we will build using all the materials as efficiently as possible and we will have an interesting product," said Pavlos Kalifommatatos, a student from Greece.

The participating girls are actively involved and shared their work equally with the boys.

"It's a group activity and I know it's hard to organize, but in reality it's really good, I think it's really excellent", said Zhang Yuje, a Chinese student.

As for Reka Tabak from Hungary, the courses are also a good opportunity to know our traditions:

"I came here because I was curious to find out more about Moldova, because I have never been here anymore. I like it very much, it's beautiful."

The practical lessons are supported by the BEST Chisinau Student Organization within UTM.

"We have many companies in the field of construction, but we do not develop our students or Europeans in this sense. And we came up with a great idea to organize something beautiful with the wood and that's how the idea was born," Alexei Şerşun, president of Best Chisinau .

Participants must complete the construction of the seats by the end of this week, after which they will be installed on the territory of the Technical University.

"An idea is to have more functions, not just to sit down, but also to be a table where you can serve something, to be a place where you can park a bicycle", said Cristian Iaconi, organizer.

The courses are organized in Moldova for the 11th time.

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