19-year-old arrested in Capital, having been caught in possession of drugs

A 19-year-old was arrested on the street, on suspicion of keeping and abusing drugs. According to the police, the young man had in his pocket 1 leu, where a suspicious substance was hidden.

The incident took place in Râșcani sector of the Capital, while the suspect is native of Leova. The substance was sent to the forensics, while the young man risks a fine.

"I was with my friend. We met some guys. I do not know what they spoke of. Those men gave me the leu. I put it in my pocket, not knowing what it had inside" the young man said.

Another incident took place near the storage of a pharmacy from the same sector.

A man broke down the door, but didn't have the chance to steal anything, as he was caught by the security guards and handed over to the law enforcement. The 53-year-old man was drunk and denies the accusations.

"I have not broken any window from any door. There was nothing to steal and I didn't need to steal anything.."

"The man was arrested by the security guards of the storage, after they heard a window break and someone entering the building with the intention to steal goods" police officer, Dumitru Grosu said.

The man was arrested for 72 hours and will be criminally investigated.

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