17,000 cigarettes hidden in car reservoir by two Moldovans caught at Iași customs

Two cars with 17,000 cigarettes owned by two Moldovan nationals were detected at Sculeni Border Crossing Point (Iasi, Romania) by border police. Two offenders attempted to illegally introduce these cigarettes into Romania. 

The incident was recorded today at 8:00.

The two Moldovans, aged 25 and 23, were driving a Volkswagen brand, registered in Bulgaria, and a Ford car registered in Lithuania.

Following the control, in the reservoir of the cars were found 17,180 cigarettes, brand Ritm, with excise stamp Republic of Moldova.

The cigarettes costing 1,185 RON (the equivalent of 5,468 Moldovan lei), were confiscated and the men were fined with a total value of 10,000 RON (the equivalent of 46,147 Moldovan lei).


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