17-year-old teenager stabbed by his friend due to quarrel

A 17-year-old teenager was stabbed by his friend after their quarrel. The incident occurred last night on street in Coşniţa village, Dubăsari district. 

"Dubăsari Police Inspectorate has initiated a criminal trial. It's necessary to determine the circumstances of the incident before making legal decision", said press officer IP Criuleni, Diana Maxim. 

The suspect's stepfather said the young man is aggressive at home and he arrived home late yesterday, being drunk. 

"The police took him at 12 o'clock and he returned home after that. He was drunk and drunken person does not know what he's doing", said the suspect's stepfather, Valeriu Moiseiev.

The young man refused to talk to television crew but according to the stepfather, he revenged his friend because the victim left his sister and spoke nasty about it. 

The injured boy was transported to the Criuleni District Hospital. He was admitted to the Surgery Section, and according to physicians, his condition is of medium gravity and his life is in any danger.

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