17 thousand cigarettes smuggle attempt stopped at Sculeni-Galaţi customs

Officers from the Sculeni - Galaţi customs found in the tanks of two vehicles around 17,000 cigarettes and 1,100 grams of crushed tobacco.

The customs officers requested a full search of the vehicles, as a result managing to find 16.360 cigarettes from Duty Free, of various brands and Moldova's excise stamp.

According to the law the cigarettes amount in 1.145 lei were confiscated as evidence, while people who attempted to transport them will be fined with  10.000 lei.

Earlier this year, on 28th August, at those customs, officers were able to find 1.000 cigarettes and 1.150 grams of crushed tobacco hidden under the oven of ship traveling  Izmir  - Belgrad. The customs officers confiscated the produces and fined the responsible with 5.000 lei.


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