160 localities of 15 districts experienced electricity disconnection due to heavy snowfall

Heavy snowfall caused electricity disconnection occurred in 160 localities of 15 districts. 

According to the representatives of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during the night, they activated the 3 crisis cells established in the northern, southern and central subdivisions.

At the same time, the IGSU informs that it is difficult to navigate the sections of routes Anenii Noi - Căuşeni - Ştefan Vodă, Veşnevca - Cantemir, Vulcăneşti - Cahul - Taraclia, Leova - Cantemir.

During the night, rescuers and firefighters intervened to unblock transports near Troiţa Nouă, Geamăna, Varniţa, Delacău, Ciobanovca, Anenii Noi district. More than 100 transports have been unlocked here by IGSU employees.

The rescuers' action was also needed near Coşcalia and Chircăieşti in Căuşeni district. Firefighters unlocked two buses with people, including a group of 15 children who were about to get to school.

According to the IGSU information, 400 employees carried out traction and unlocking of cars, performing 121 interventions in the districts Şoldăneşti, Rezina, Orhei, Căuşeni, Anenii Noi, Dupăsari, Criuleni, Comrat, Taraclia, Drochia, Soroca, Floresti and Chisinau city.

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