15 american vets came in Moldova to help sterilizing homeless dogs (PHOTO)

Chisinau City Hall informs that this week a new mission to sterilize the homeless dogs. 15 american vets, representatives of the World Vets international organization came here to help the authorities to provide the control over the homeless dogs.

The mission targets to train the Capital vets and help them sterilize 400 dogs.

The foreign vets work within Chisinau Sterilization center starting Monday. Daily, between 10 and 15 volunteers, students of the Agriculture University help them.

The citizens who can't afford such services of private companies because of the high prices can bring the animals to the sterilization center.

You can contact Roman Trahtaman, the director of the center on the following number: 078169035.

The mission takes the second time this year. 

Now, the Chisinau public administration makes negotiations with two more missions who will come in Moldova this summer.

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