14th International Goju-Ryu seminar in Chisinau gathered a record number of karateka

The 14th edition of the international goju-ryu seminar in Chisinau has gathered a record number of karateka.

Almost 50 instructors from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have improved their skills and learned new techniques from renowned master Victor Panasiuc, owner of 7th Dan.

"I emphasized the implementation of self-defense techniques in a real fight. I think our association is successful because the number of attendants is growing"said Victor Panasiuc, owner of 7th Dan.

Kazakh Bulat Kurmangaliev participated for the first time at the seminar headed by the president of the national goju-ryu association.

"I have heard only beautiful words about him"said the Kazakh athlete.

Master Panasiuc is known as a follower of traditional Goju-Ryu style practice. He has practiced martial arts for over 30 years.

He holds annual international seminars in Chisinau, but he is also invited to various international events.

Goju-ryu is one of the four great karate styles that originated on the Okinawa island of Japan.

This style combines hard techniques with soft techniques and motions, as well as soft evasion with harsh attacks

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