14 patients who suffer of breast cancer saved due to mobile mammography project

The mobile mammography save lives! In the first five months of activity, the laboratories found out that 14 women have breast cancer. In the majority of the cases, it has been revealed that the cancer is at its first stages and they can treat it.

Raisa Botan is 58 years old. She is from Cojusna village, Straseni district. Four months ago, she went to the mammography laboratory. Even if she doesn't have any problems, the screening has proven that she suffers of breast cancer. 

"When my family doctor called me and said he has the results I understood that something went wrong", said the woman.

The woman was transported in time to the hospital and she faced a surgery. Thankfully, it was successful.

"Now I am happier. I am thankful that I had beat the cancer and I can enjoy life now", explained Raisa Botan, patient.

Due to the mobile mammography, 13 women have been saved. Fortunately, all them have been hospitalized at the Oncologist Institute and benefited of surgeries.

"All 14 faces surgeries and all of them beat it", said Diana Sochirca, surgeon.

In case of 400 other women, it has been found that they have different changes in their body.

"Many patients have received treatment treatments up to surgical treatment, including patients for whom we could not expose to diagnosis, or have precancerous conditions been detected." We remove the precancerous condition so we do not get cancer", said Diana Sochirca.

In five months, mobile mammograms were in seven districts, where over seven thousand women were consulted. By the end of the year, oncologists will arrive in all regions of the country. Free breast screening is carried out under the campaign "A Doctor for You", launched at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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