13 citizens of Russia, Turkey, Romania, and Ukraine forced to leave Moldova

The Bureau of Migration and Asylum announced that 13 citizens from Russia, Turkey, Romania, and Ukraine were forced to leave the territory of the Republic of Moldova last week.

Also, at the moment 9 foreigners from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Romania are placed in public custody, to be subsequently removed from the territory of Moldova.

The Bureau of Migration and Asylum has also issued 7 decisions to revoke the right of residence on the territory of Moldova regarding the citizens of Turkey, China, Jordan, Ukraine and India, because they no longer meet the conditions for prolonging the right of residence, or no longer comply with the purpose for which they were granted this right.

Meanwhile, between February 3 and 9, 58 foreigners were investigated for violating the rules of residence in the Republic of Moldova, and for violating the employment placement rules - 22 foreigners, the majority of the citizens being from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and Israel.


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