13 children have been imprisoned though they didn't do any encroaches. Puppet theater organized performance for them

13 children from our country aged up to three years old stay behind bars even though they didn't commit anything. On the International Family's Day, the actors of Licurici theater paid a visit to No.15 penitentiary from Chisinau, where they performed.

One of the mothers has been detained for murder. The woman tried to kill the father of her three children. She gave birth to one of the children when she was behind bars.

"I was detained for six years and eight months. -How did that happen? I don't even remember. We were living together and he was violent sometimes. One day I couldn't resist anymore. I was thinking about the child more."

The child will stay behind bars until he will reach the age of three. Then, a relative will take care about him.

"The prison is not a place for children. Even though we encroached the law, we are guilty, but they have nothing to do with it. I know this should not be their home."

12 other children also have to stay behind bars. Now, the kids enjoyed a performance of the puppet theater.

"These children don't have access to socialization activities. This is the only thing that they are missing", said Maia Banarescu, lawyer.

"Regardless the situation, the children should not stay behind bars."

377 women are placed in Moldova's prisons.

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