112 service will be more efficient on emergency calls

Today, the Government approved the regulation of the Interaction Rules between the Single National Service for Emergency Calls 112 and Emergency Services in order to provide immediate relief for rescuers, doctors or police officers to provide the necessary assistance.

The Regulation provides a clear delimitation of the duties of the 112 and Emergency Specialist Services - the Emergency Medical Service, the General Police Inspectorate and the General Emergency Inspectorate.

Among the competencies of the 112 Service there is managing and processing emergency calls throughout the Republic of Moldova, completing emergency call records and centralizing, storing and accessing managed data under the 112 Automated Information System.

The document establishes concrete actions in the process of receiving emergency calls by the 112 service and sending the call records to the specialized services as well as taking the fiches by the specialized services with the subsequent organization of the interventions. The Regulation also includes measures to ensure the confidentiality of caller's personal data.

112 is the unique number for emergency calls, active in all EU Member States. It operates on a non-stop basis and can be called free of charge by every citizen on the fixed and mobile phones. Starting July 1, all the calls to numbers 901, 902 and 903 are redirected to 112.112

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