112 emergency service will be modernized

The Unique Emergency Service 112 will be modernized. The authorities want to implement two initiatives taken from international practice. One of them is the e-Call model. In the event of an accident, drivers will be able to call 112 with a simple button that already exists in modern cars.

"If we press the button, the information appears on the screen that an emergency call is being started. Here, it shows the geographical location of the vehicle and the traveling direction."

Although many emergency vehicles are installed in many new cars, they can not be used. 112 representatives say that for this, telephony operators need to make some changes to the servers.

"These types of calls have to be handled in a special way by the telecom operators, they have to detect them in the network. The 112 information system is ready to spell these calls properly, but we need to adjust the normative framework, as the operators to be able to make changes in their network", said Constantine Gorincioi, 112 Emergency Service deputy director.

Another initiative is to equip motor-cars with information terminals. Through them, the rescuers will be able to intervene directly at the address where the aid is requested, without having to move first to the dispatcher.

"This will reduce the verbal communication between the emergency crew dispatcher and the crew traveling." The crew, too, directly in the information system can report on the outcome of the intervention, no longer need to call, communicate with someone, handle them from time to time, "said the Deputy Director of the 112 Emergency Service, Constantin Gorincioi.

"When the accident occurs, this equipment sends a message with a volume of information. The place where the accident occurred, how fast the car moves to the crash, whether it has moved after the accident, the 112 service receives this information, and sends the rescue team there", Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici said.

There are more than a thousand service stations in the country through the 112 service, and a terminal costs about three thousand Euro. The costs will be covered by the state budget.

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