101 years have passed since October revolution. An event was organized in Chisinau (PHOTO REPORT)

101 years since the October revolution took place have passed. The event was commemorated in Chisinau. Dozens of persons gathered at the Lenin monument placed in Moldexpo.

People brought flowers. Vladimir Voronin, former President of the country also attended the event. Even if the number of participants at this event is lower from year to year, the communists think that the path that was chosen in 1917 is the right one.

"The idea of this revolution won't disappear even in one hundred years. All the people want to be free and equal", said Vladimir Voronin, the President of PCRM.

The October Revolution is marked in November. In fact, the revolution against the Provisional Russian government began on October 25 1917. After the removal of the executive and the coming of power to Lenin's Bolsheviks, a civil war began in Russia.

The Bolsheviks were attracted by the promise of a utopian society in which all are equal, where everything belongs to all. Obviously, the reality was completely different from the original project.

"As far as absolute equality is concerned, this idea has remained in the past, even in the 19th century. And not just because people are not the same and absolutely equal, because one is healthy, another - sick and so. an end in itself, because it can not be achieved, but we must strive to get as close as possible to it", said historian Leonid Mosionjnic.

Millions of people suffered or were killed after the October Revolution and the civil war that followed. Thousands of people have been sentenced to death because of religious or political beliefs or just because they were wealthy.

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