Moldova attracts another French investor. 100 new jobs to be created

The French company "Diam International" intends to open a factory of advertising design for shops in Moldova. The announcement was made by Chief of group Benjamin Bullmer, at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmîc.

According to the businessman, Moldova is the country with the most prosperous country for investment in the region. 

More than 100 workers will be trained at one of the company's factories in Turkey. Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmîc welcomed the group's initiative and informed the Chisinau government had implemented several strategies to attract foreign investment.

Accordingly, not only the number of required documents has been reduced but also several customs and tax facilities have been established for foreign investors to Moldova.

"Diam International" has 25 factories in 21 countries over the world with over two thousand employees. 

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