100 days of nepotism in government: How relatives are appointed in Sandu cabinet

They promised to stop nepotism in politics and promote meritocracy when they launched their electoral campaign. But politicians of alliance ACUM proved something else after they took power. 

"We promise to ensure the practice of meritocracy when godmother, godfather are no longer the criteria for the selection", said PM Maia Sandu. 

However, Interior Minister Andrei Nastase appointed his godson Gheorghe Balan as the chief of Police General Inspectorate. He declined to admit this fact. 

- (NĂSTASE) Mr Balan was appointed as... 

- (REPORTER) Godson?

- (NĂSTASE) Ms, you have a little decency. 

- (REPORTER) He's your godson. How could you appoint him? You said that ..

- (NĂSTASE) Ms, please keep your decency and ethics. 

- (REPORTER) Is he your godson?

- (NĂSTASE) Ms, please keep silence. 

- (REPORTER) Please answer my questions. 

- The affinity between I and Mr Balan doesn't have connection with the position he was appointed. 

A month later, Gheorghe Balan admitted this relationship. 

- He's my godfather  - said Balan. 

Moreover, Balan let it on how he reached this position. He said because he accepted this position at the request of Andrei Nastase, who called many people to propose them this position.

"On June 8 -9, he called many policemen but they didn't reply him. He asked for my help and support and I agreed unless there had been alternative", said Gheorghe Balan 

Besides, the Foreign Affairs Minister Nicu Popescu is godson of Andrei Popov. 

At the end of July, former wife of PAS deputy Dumitru Alaiba, Ionela Costachi was appointed the secretary of state for Economy Ministry. 

In early August, relative of PPDA deputy Iurie Reniță, Iuliana Cantaragiu was elected as secretary of state for Agriculture Ministry. Reniță vowed not to have relationship with the politician. 

Acting general prosecutor Dumitru Robu is godson of prosecutor Vera Chiranda. 

Socialist Victor Gaiciuc, who is father of Igor Dodon's godson, was appointed presidential adviser in Security and Defense. 



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