10-year-old boy passed aways in Hâncești, after a brick fell on him in an abandoned building

A tragedy took place in the afternoon on Friday, in Nemțeni village, Hâncești district. A 10-year-old child passed away after a brick fell on him. The child had no siblings and came to spend winter vacation with relatives.

He was called to play outside with his friends, while the grandmother was out shopping. They chose to play in an abandoned building from the settlement, where a brick fell from the roof. 

"He would always come here in summer. Never went outside by himself. He came with a boy and they went to play, but never told us. Maybe we would not have allowed him to go" the child's grandmother said.

Villagers claim that there are a lot of abandoned houses nearby where children like to play.

"Nearly the whole village is filled with abandoned houses. All are forgotten and some even ruined."

"There are many. After the floods from 2015 there are many. We also have children and it is painful to imagine."

Law enforcement are investigating the case.

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