10 of 30 couples who benefited from free in vitro fertilization received good news

10 out of the 30 couples that participated at the in vitro fertilization, financed by the state, have received good news. The biggest embryo has reached 21 weeks. Among the participants counts a couple from Capital. They are happy to finally experience those beautiful moments after two years of useless treatments.

"It is very exciting. I cannot believe it, as we wanted it for so long, we are very happy."

The 30-year-old future mother claims that for seven years she has been through numerous procedures that bore no fruits. Due to lack of money the couple has never even though of in vitro fertilization.
"When I first heard of such opportunity I asked myself: Why not? Everything went very smoothly."

Out of the 30 procedures offered for free by the state, only 10 were confirmed to result in pregnancies. The results of other three cases will be found out in the next few days.

The procedure will be performed upon eight more women by the end of the year. So far nine cases were registered as failures. 

"The results of in vitro fertilization depends on the embryos and its health in the last stage. Of course candidates over 35 will have less chances" Gynaecologist Diana Al Faraj said.

"They come and it seems that the results are good, but we find an infection and supplementary tests are required" doctor from a private clinic, Veaceslav Moșin declared.

Women that cannot have a child naturally claim that this procedure offers them a fair chance.

"This program is great, as there are many infertile couples. Many young people lack such financial possibility."

Still, some women claim that the requirements are way to severe.

"There are many terms, it is hard to participate in such program. First of all is the treatment. In the end it much time and money."

Since April, the special commission has received 112 candidates, out of them 72 will be examined next year.

"I believe there are more who wish to submit their documents", chief of Health and Reproduction department of the Municipal Council, Ala Spinei said.

The free in vitro fertilization treatment can be performed in 3 private clinics from the country. Ministry of Health wish to increase the number of families that can participate in this program next year.

"For 2018, we planned to perform 60 procedures, which means the double amount. All because the preliminary results are positive" Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Stela Grigoraș announced.

According to the statistics 140 thousand couples from our country in the ripple age from our country are infertile. In 3000 cases this problem can be solved with in vitro fertilization.

Each year in Moldova, around 1000 in vitro fertilization procedures are performed.

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